Mike Beaudet Relentless

On many occasions, Fox 25 has advertised how RELENTLESS Mike Beaudet is.   Beaudet seemed very proud of that label.  So, we took a look at the word RELENTLESS in the English language to see how it is commonly used.
People who relentlessly pursue women or children for prurient reasons are called predators.  People  who are relentless in pursuing someone for a date who is not interested, are often called stalkers.  And those who do so online, are called cyber stalkers.  People who are relentless in their desire to wage war on America, are called terrorists.  These are all fitting uses of the word relentless.  But it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t test other uses.
Would an interviewer hire someone who is relentless in seeking a job position?  Assertive or persistent can sometimes, work but is relentless considered a positive?  If a man is relentless about buying alcohol in the liquor store when he fails to show ID, does the salesperson usually appreciate that and let him do it?   If a door to door salesman is relentless, are we more likely to open the door?  How about a telemarketer. 
We don’t see a single place where relentless is seen as positive.  Some journalists are persistent or assertive, and those traits seem to be positive in most cases.  Doctors treat disease aggressively in some cases.  But relentless, is usually a term used for the disease, not the cure.
The dictionary defines relentless as:  1) Oppressively constant; incessant and 2) Harsh or inflexible
We don't disagree with the fact that Mike Beaudet can be relentless.  We just wonder why a news station would advertise and promote such a negative attribute of someone.  The answer may lie within the depths of what Fox 25 (and potentially News Corp on the whole) is trying to accomplish.  More on this is being studied by our team.

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