Maria Stephanos

Maria Stephanos is a primary news anchor for Fox 25 WFXT Boston.  Stephanos is quite popular among Fox 25 news watchers and generally all Fox Undercover segments begin with an introduction by Maria Stephanos and Mark Okerbloom.  The photo at the right is a screen shot of a photo of a television set so the quality is not the best.  Prior to the Fox Undercover reports, Okerbloom and Stephanos will stand as you see, nervously grasping at their fingers as they segue the story that Mike will soon tell.

Stephanos ultra serious intros tempt you to listen on to the Undercover report. 

Observers feel that Stephanos might regularly go to bat for Beaudet when he comes under fire and Fox 25 simply cannot afford to cross Maria Stephanos. 

While Stephanos is clearly positioned to attract the male watcher, Okerbloom often looks like a simpleton with goofy facial expressions (we'll share a few later on) and not much more than a side kick offering to Maria's main course.

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