Confronting Fox Undercover: A Safety Guide for Communities

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Mike Beaudet
Our group has several people in the psychology field involved in this project.  To that end we have developed some short guidelines on dealing with Mike Beaudet and Fox 25 Undercover should they do a story in your town:

1) Understand that tresspassing laws and privacy laws apply to reporters.  Press can convince most people that they have a right to do a story inside a school or to violate the privacy laws that apply to individuals.  Consider the same response that you would have to any other stranger and apply that to Mike Beaudet and his crew.

2) Do not react or respond to their question about a person.  Do not jump to conclusions.  Tell them that if they are aware of a safety concern, they should contact the police.

3) Confront Mike Beaudet in GROUPS.  Groups of parents, objecting to Mr. Beaudet will be far stronger and way less useful television, than one person trying to argue with him. 

4) Call the police.  Every time.  Forget if its warrranted or not. If you see Fox, say something.  Plain and simple.

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