Loudest Voice in the Room

It would be hard for us not to mention the new book written by Gabriel Sherman, entitled the Loudest Voice in the Room, an unauthorized autobiography of Roger Ailes.

Our brief take is that Roger Ailes is a brilliant man, and that his virtual creation of Fox News is nothing short of brilliant.

We do believe however that America has a right to know just how Fox News has lowered the bar on journalistic integrity and just how powerfully they can manipulate political agendas.  Whereas news at one time was trusted as a free speech source for truthful information, the fact checking now required - really of so many media outlets - may just have found its routes at Fox News.

Furthermore the book is really a fascinating history, encompassing many networks and well known journalists.

Our take:  the Murdoch family has let Fox News spin out of control, such that the tail may now wag the dog.

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