Mike Beaudet Makes Offends NEW HAMPSHIRE Using His Social Media


Mike Beaudet once again caught offending people using social media.  Just last year after Mike Beaudet was caught laughing up video that he took of cult victims acting out, Beaudet once again makes this outrageous public comment.  What exactly Beaudet means by "only in New Hampshire" we aren't even quite sure about.  Only "what" exactly, Mr. Beaudet?

Such unbridled social media comments have been invaluable in confirming our observations about Beaudet's character which resembles that of a narcissist (though of course we cannot diagnose Mr. Beaudet without a professional evaluation).

We believe that Beaudet has created his own reality (somewhat enabled by his employment by Fox 25 WFXT where a culture is created which continuously propagandizes those within the organization to think the Fox way and to avoid critical thinking which controverts the Fox opinion).  In Beaudet's reality, he is the savior of the people, the man who has the authority, knowledge and insight and power to supplant cultural norms, fair, honest and responsible reporting - replacing them with weak links, suppositions, character assassinations and self substantiating reports (we reported on sex offenders years ago and now there is talk of updating SORI laws).  Fox encourages such isolated thinking, breeding personalities like Mike Beaudet until they are no longer useful to the mother ship. 

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