New Questions About Fox Undercover Lingo

We don't take a single subject on this website lightly.  So, if there is any humor to be found in looking at Fox 25 Undercover Lingo and euphemisms, please temper this with the seriousness that we also intend.

That being said, the use of these euphemisms is not exclusive to Mike Beaudet.  Many are used by Fox News, other news companies and other shock journalists.  But because others use them doesn't mean that you shouldn't understand them.  So here we go.  Our take on some of Fox Undercover's most popular:

…It’s been a busy month

-          FU employees have been busy putting together stories (usually its sweeps week, though lately Fox 25 News seems so devoid of programming that they are running things off sweeps as well).  Generally a precursor for Mike Beaudet to replay old stories that he is so fondly attached to.

….Viewers are sounding off

-          A few people commented on some feedback or social media site (usually not with anything deep or factual), or a fox employee acknowledged a story

…[is raising] [new] questions

Generally means that there isn’t really definitive proof of anything but Beaudet wants to cast doubt and suspicion on a person or organization that he already attacked once with an only partial assassination of character.   It could also mean that FU figured out another spin on a former story that dead ended, and wants to stir up new opportunities for a witch trial.

….in the wake of a FU investigation

Something happened chronologically following a FU story.  It could be because of the bad publicity of the story (and not really the hard facts), or it could be just because that’s what came next.

…is getting attention

Could mean anything.  Somebody noticed.  It could even just be Mike Beaudet who noticed.

…some people aren’t so sure

Also used heavily by Fox News Corp, this basically means that a story or assertion that many people dissented on, had a few people (two or more) who didn’t dissent.

…some people say

Also used heavily by Fox News Corp, this simply means that a few people (two or more) have an opinion which supports a Fox story or assertion in some way.  This is used to avoid slander litigation while still making it seem like an unproved statement is true.  Eg:  Some people say that Mike Beaudet is a narcissist.

… big changes coming (under way)

We reported on something and it is possible that something will change which we can claim is because of our report even though it might just be (and probably is) because of the bad publicity created, not any proof.

… spots

This means that someone claims that they saw someone or something but the spotting itself is unproven and what the person claims to have seen might or might not be what Fox Undercover wants it to be.  A synonym is to this is “tahw”, as in “I tought I tahw a puddy tat!”.
…is being questioned

We are going to report on something and create a foregone conclusion for you.

….is in the spotlight

Someone or some agency will be one of our targets (could be again, or for the first time)

… xyz person is no longer working at xyz place (or xyz person is off the job)

We targeted someone for our investigation and they have either been suspended, not renewed or fired because of the bad press that we created and the fear of the employer that Fox Undercover will target them (and usually the lack of a wrongful termination opportunity against the employer).  Rarely shows a that the person was given a fair hearing and always always used by Mike Beaudet to show how incredibly influential he is. 

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