Fox Undercover Church or Cult

A recent story by Fox Undercover Boston profiled a church in Uxbridge, MA which is alleged to be a cult of sorts.  The story includes video footage taken with a hidden camera of women doing suggestive “dances” as they appear to have been “programmed” to do as part of the alleged cult ritual.  The footage would be absolutely humiliating to a private individual, depending on the depth to which the individual has replaced social norms with the observed cult-like  behavior.   Such people are victims.    While the story is relevant, and the footage is legally published since it was taking in public space where there is no presumed right to privacy, a normal person should view the video with concern and sympathy for the victim in the video, although perhaps a certain immaturity might caught some to privately get a laugh out of it.  

And while one watching the story might even view it in this framework, a glimpse into the true nature of Mike Beaudet, helps us to segue into the disturbing personality that lies behind Fox Undercover.  A recent web search revealed this comment on one of his social media outlets, where the unrestrained Mike Beaudet makes this comment:
Is Beaudet entertained by replaying the footage of members of the Church of the End of Times and is he so brazen as to publish that fact using social media?  We leave the disturbing conclusion to you.  Is he making light of and taking some sort of perverse pleasure in seeing what these women’s lives appear to have been turned into through alleged religious manipulation, such that he needs to flaunt the fact that he is enjoying replaying the video.   (Note that he is not highlighting the story, but instead the video of the members.)
And thus we begin to peel back of layers of what on the outside seems like your average every day tabloid reporter, but in reality is a dangerous interplay between what appears to be classic narcissistic personality and a television network which grooms and cultivates such personalities to create highly manipulative and sensationalistic television, with the sole purpose of gaining influence and ratings, even at the risk of endangering communities, destroying people’s lives and further lowering the bar on what society will tolerate from television news.

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