Boston Marathon


In a stunning misstep of what we feel is brazen arrogance and self-serving irresponsibility, Fox 25 News apparently misuses a trusting viewer’s tip information to generate another Mike Beaudet Fox 25 News trailer while the rest of the nation was working together to catch a bad guy.             

WFXT’s desperation to get people to watch their 10pm news by running Mike Beaudet trailers during primetime, reached a disturbing low last week when a trusting but misguided viewer allegedly found a photo of the Boston Marathon finish line which might have helped law enforcement identify the then unknown Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the backpack that he left behind.  Since Fox 25 called the photo an exclusive, the viewer apparently sent it to Fox but agreed NOT to send it to other stations or law enforcement (unless they were not truthful about the photo being exclusive), even though the government had asked people to use one of their many tip submission lines or the Mayor’s hotline.  State Police and Federal Law Enforcement  were able to identify the attackers eventually by piecing together thousands of submissions by people, but Fox 25 seems to have kept their photo to themselves, more interested in demonstrating that Mike Beaudet had an exclusive than in cooperating with the law enforcement effort and working with the rest of the nation in identifying the suspects.

Fox 25 ran the trailer around 8:53pm on that critical Thursday night, during the American Idol results show and instead of providing a website or phone number for viewers to contact if they knew something about the photo, Mike Beaudet’s message was that you would have to just tune into Fox 25 News at 10pm, over an hour later.
We will never know if Fox 25 News viewers are so myopic that they think that Mike Beaudet has their interest in hand better  than the numerous police forces and government agencies who had banded together or if Mike Beaudet once again convinced someone to keep public safety information a secret so that he’d get the scoop (of course only to be disclosed when American Idol is over).

What we do know is that this irresponsible act solidifies our opinions about Mike Beaudet  and the Fox station which continues to feed off him.


* photos are pictures taken of a tv screen

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