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Fox Undercover Facebook pages and Mike Beaudet Facebook pages (mostly calling for his firing). 

This site is not a petition and is not a facebook page.  In fact, we are asking you not to even respond to this page.  Don't contact Fox 25, don't comment on the Fox website.  Just inform your community and be prepared should Fox Undercover come to your child's school or town.  Just turn Fox 25 off and lower their ratings if you want to get involved.

To complain to Fox 25 is just to send a message that you respect their standing as a news station and thus want to protest an aspect of it.  Instead, read this site, draw your own conclusions about the management decisions of WFXT and make your viewing decisions accordingly. 

We'll at least point out that a number of Facebook pages do exist which you might be interested in.  We have no affiliation with them:

Fire Mike Beaudet Facebook

Fire Fox 25 Mike Beaudet

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