Fox Undercover Level One Offenders Campaign

October 2013 UPDATE:  A review of sex offender address check revealed no threat to day care children.  Sorry Mike-O.
In the wake of the John Burbine arrest alleging the molestation of dozens of young children, Beaudet has run several stories calling for publication of the list of Level One Offenders in Massachusetts, which currently are only available to law enforcement (unless an officers breaks the law and disseminates them to a reporter).

We would firstly like to remind you that while Mike Beaudet does run lots of stories “on protecting communities from abusers”, Mike Beaudet’s behavior has repeatedly put those people at potentially greater risk by withholding his tips from parents or boards or residents whose charges are supposedly at risk, until he can then break the story at a time that is best for FOX25.  If Mike Beaudet’s school age children were alleged to be in contact with a dangerous person, we wonder if he would support one of his neighbors keeping that a secret until he can find out at some later date, on a local television spot.  For more information on how Fox Undercover has created dangerous situations in local communities click here


Beaudet’s most recent run at this, featured the above trailer during prime time television, aimed at drawing in viewers by playing on their natural tendancy to follow any information which creates fear of harm.  The average person would have a hard time not being at least curious as to the person who appears to live right on their street.  The story is peppered with some factual information, but rather than providing a balanced story with all of the facts, is skewed towards a conclusion which would actually be unproductive, in our opinion.
The facts that Beaudet leaves out are that a very small percentage of registered offenders who are un-incarcerated reoffend and the majority of them were never actually convicted.  This is because unless a DA has overwhelming indisputable evidence, the majority of cases rely on a plea bargain or a negotiation between the prosecutor and the accused.  The opportunity to have a level of sex offender which is not publicized, is absolutely critical to the Commonwealth, because most defendants will not agree to being registered otherwise, and thus must be convicted or left completely unsupervised.  The greatest fear of a level one offender is becoming level two. 
All that Beaudet wants is for you to be fearful enough to watch his spot, and to turn off your thinking and just agree with him in fear.  And in the unlikely event that a law does actually change, Beaudet will most importantly be able to say I TOLD YOU SO for endless years as he reruns his best of stories and greatest accomplishments.

Recently, there has been talk of revising the publication of Level Two sex offenders, but Beaudet's most recent campaign has been regarding Level One sex offenders.  The new reforms have nothing to do with Beaudet's actions nor with his dangerous idea of forcing Level One offenders to be published online.   Yet these updates run right along side more relevant stories about mob bosses and government corruption.  Having already been exposed as one whose stories have exposed children to adult matter and whose actions have done way more harm than good to communities, we see neither the tie in nor the appropriateness of Beaudet's involvement in these delicate matters.  Is Beaudet going to have a trip down memory lane about this with friend Laurie Myers?   New questions to be answered.

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